Why should you be alive?

Situations can bring the best and worst of a person. Each day carries a unique mystery. What tomorrow brings is not something anyone would know? Like mountains, there are slopes and elevations in life. Certain slopes can be too deep to rise up from them. There arises a situation in each one of our lives questioning our existence. Questions like : Why should I live? Does it still matters to anyone if not? Will the present pathetic condition changes if not? haunt us many ways. I have given you 3 reasons to be alive that more or less convinced me as per my observations in life.

1.Being alive allows to see what the next day brings.

Each day has its own perks and benefits. Anything can happen within a day. So, If you are not alive , then how will you be able to visualize the changes that may be positive. The darkest days you’ve had so far may have reduced its effect. Or else a fresh morning with gifts of love can be awaiting.

2.Being alive guides you to find the purpose of live.

Even a little organism has its own purpose in life. Likewise, each one born in this world has a unique purpose to accomplish or a task to complete. If we are alive, we get a chance to succeed them with efforts. The purpose may guide us through sufferings we face today. It can lead us to a happier place.

3.Being alive can make atleast single person you’ve known all along retain happiness.

The thought of leaving the world strikes only when we feel lonely. Being alone worsens the situation we are into. During that time, Think of atleast a single person who has shown affection to you or have been kind to you. Your loss can affect them hard. Think of the best memories you’ve ever had. If you are not alive, you lose the chance of creating even more beautiful memories in future.

So, these are some thoughts I got when thought of this topic. Share with me the reasons you’ve had relating to being alive.

How attitude defines your life?

When you don’t know what you’re up to, you end up with multiple opportunities. But the choice becomes hard and you have the higher possibility of making wrong decisions. So you may ask how does it relate with my attitude. It definitely is. The right attitude helps you have a control over your life. When you’re ready to face things, seeing through difficulties the glorying success, you’d never miss the chance. That’s where the attitude becomes the priority.

Let’s think of a financial crisis that happens throughout the country. Some lose all their hope and become ill. But few manage to rise up through it. It depends on how you see life. The right decisions you make at the right time matters a lot. Even your mistakes will be ignored when you’re a person of right attitude. And that’s how I ended up reading the book, Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude … Change Your Life! by Jeff Keller.

If your goal is to earn $100000, you will earn it if you believe you can earn it. You will attract the set of circumstances that will move you closer to your goal.

But this doesn’t mean you will think positively for a few minutes & doubt your ability for the remaining waking hours. It has to be your Dominant Thought. You are continually moving towards your dominant thoughts. Positive thoughts bring positive results & negative thoughts bring negative results.

If you’d like to buy the book, check out the link below:

Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude … Change Your Life!

The key to success

Success is an illusion that plays with the life of people

You know it’s temporary but can’t control your attraction towards it

Mistakes and corrections helps you progress

The hope after losing things prepares you for the war to succeed

You fight with your lack of skills

And acquire something new to uplift your position

The key to success is the consistency

And not mere skills and hard work


Hey guys,

Hope you like this one. So if you’re interested in buying the book “Psychology of Money”, check out this link.


What makes you financially successful?

As the world states, each day you choose a way to earn something. We are in need of money whether to satisfy needs or progress to the next level. What makes one wonder is the psychology behind the earning process. None of us wishes to stay behind and wait for things to happen successfully. All that matters is our efforts. Those efforts need to be worthy to achieve success and maintain them. The book, “The Psychology of Money” by Morgan Housel speaks a lot about its working in a depth way.

He narrates about various aspects in earning money and sustaining them for the longer run. A glimpse of his words that mattered a lot while reading.

β€œThe more you want something to be true, the more likely you are to believe a story that overestimates the odds of it being true

β€œOptimism is a belief that the odds of a good outcome are in your favor over time

β€œAn idea exists in finance that seems innocent but has done incalculable damage.

If you wish to know more about it, you can purchase the book using the link given below. It’s worth reading the book.


What makes you special?

Each one of us are born in this world with different motives and goals. We dream of our future in a way that we like. Sometimes out abilities and perception decides our path in life. An unique task awaits to be completed based on our needs and situations. Amidst all these irregularities, have you ever wondered what makes you special?

We want us to be treated specially by our closest people. We wish to be prioritized by them. Yet most of us never look upon us as the special person we wish to be recognized. The major reason towards this attitude is we look down on ourselves at times. When someone from outside compliments somethings we have, they make us feel special and we treasure those moments. But if you can realize that your presence makes a difference, you don’t necessarily need someone to constantly praise your works.

Being special gifts you nothing but happiness. It’s the best if you can create your own happiness.

How bad is the urge to earn money?

Nowadays everything gets linked with money. We are in search of different ways to earn money. Lockdown has pushed many people’s lives into poverty. A considerable amount of individuals have lost their jobs. Many businesses have lost its growth. These situations have forced us to think of ways to earn money. This reached a stage of creating stress in our minds. We are roaming in the world of internet for ideas or job opportunities.

Initially we are aware of what is right and what is not. But as days go, we desperately search for a way to earn money and became ready to lose our personal details subconsciously. There are plenty of fake websites and companies to misuse this desperation. And so I request you all to be cautious. Stop being too engrossed in those stuffs. Be ready to learn new thing and work on that. Never be ready to sacrifice your details or your peace. They are more valuable than the money you are about to get.

I know it’s tough but is possible. We can manage this situation. Trust yourself.

My first design

Learning new things helps our mind to stay active. It’s one of the liveliest experiences one can get. After we became good at it, we lose the initial excitement. So every new learning not only improves our skills but ignites our curiosity towards life. We try our best to excel at it. But our initial immature works stay as treasures. The memories while working on it is something special.

Can you remind yourself of the day you first learnt to ride a bicycle?

The fear you have towards falling is still vivid in our memories. We may have fell down having bruises. But the feeling of wind striking against our face is worth the fall. Likewise I started learning to design on my own. Guess what I ended up with this one.

I felt so happy after seeing the output though it doesn’t look perfect. Please do share what you think about it. You can check out my other designs in https://www.deviantart.com/riyathoughts

How much do you trust yourself?

Trust is a special emotion among humans. We can hate a person and love the same as time goes on. But trust is hard to gain and replace. You find it difficult to trust a person who broke it before. That much precious is the five letter word. But have you ever wondered about how much trust you have in yourself. When you get unexpected opportunities, are you willing to take them.

We start worrying about where things can go wrong. We disrespect our abilities and skills. We are somewhere in between YES and NO. This is nothing but the trust issues we have with our self. We restrict our potential in a place where we’re celebrated. We fear to lose the atmosphere. But you progress through each step. Whether you fall or not, all that matters is moving forward towards your destination.

For the whole journey, you have to trust yourself. You have to upgrade your skills and abilities to match up the trust you have in you.

One rainy day in summer

Have you ever felt the contradictions in nature? Many of us may have experienced this. The feeling you get while noticing this is unique. I had the same feeling when I saw the pouring rain from the clouds. The same afternoon my face felt the scorching heat while going out to buy groceries. That’s the mystery of nature. You can’t predict things and give 100 percent assurance.

But I felt happy to gaze at the raindrops that came to pacify the ground. The sight is quite amazing. I moved a chair near my garden and sat there. The way the trees excite at the wind with moisture is like welcoming a close friend after a long time. Nature has the potential to balance the fluctuating situation. Nothing can be equivalent to its power.

I just awe at its beauty. Unexpected things can happen with nature like this. My perfect company Tea engulfs me through its flavors and fragrance. When I saw the water flowing in the streets, the lines struck my mind.

The calmest yet threatening sea

In the wider world is the

Unspoken words of mind

I hope you like them.

Be the reason

Every day I find reasons to smile wide

And make myself happy

However situation fluctuate like tide

I never let them affect my mind and body

By relaxing after a struggle and being my own guide

After a while I realized the amount of needy

Whose conditions were worse than my side

I felt guilty for not knowing it and wished to say sorry

Along with the wish to make them smile having me beside

The pain of their past may drain away

While the glory of future welcome

With open hands that enclose them in a comforting way

And that’s what I desire to gift them though I lied

To change their life drastically to instill confidence

Please do share your comments on this

Being a lazy writer

Yeah. That’s right. I’ve become more lazy after staying for a long period in my house. Everywhere there is rise of covid cases. I fear to step out. I travel outside only to purchase necessary food items. More than these things, I doze off at times. I don’t write much. I work to a minimal time.

Doesn’t this sound bad? Not a health attitude, right? I’ve realized the same when I started to suffer from improper sleep and unhealthy diet. My body felt stressed out. And that’s when I planned to follow few things.

1. Follow a schedule each day. Working timings need to be fixed.

2. Write out your ideas and organize them the same day. Never postpone works unless it is unavoidable.

3. Have a proper sleep by relaxing the mind and body half and hours before sleeping time.

Be energetic and active, unlike me. Please do share your views.