Why should you be alive?

Situations can bring the best and worst of a person. Each day carries a unique mystery. What tomorrow brings is not something anyone would know? Like mountains, there are slopes and elevations in life. Certain slopes can be too deep to rise up from them. There arises a situation in each one of our lives questioning our existence. Questions like : Why should I live? Does it still matters to anyone if not? Will the present pathetic condition changes if not? haunt us many ways. I have given you 3 reasons to be alive that more or less convinced me as per my observations in life.

1.Being alive allows to see what the next day brings.

Each day has its own perks and benefits. Anything can happen within a day. So, If you are not alive , then how will you be able to visualize the changes that may be positive. The darkest days you’ve had so far may have reduced its effect. Or else a fresh morning with gifts of love can be awaiting.

2.Being alive guides you to find the purpose of live.

Even a little organism has its own purpose in life. Likewise, each one born in this world has a unique purpose to accomplish or a task to complete. If we are alive, we get a chance to succeed them with efforts. The purpose may guide us through sufferings we face today. It can lead us to a happier place.

3.Being alive can make atleast single person you’ve known all along retain happiness.

The thought of leaving the world strikes only when we feel lonely. Being alone worsens the situation we are into. During that time, Think of atleast a single person who has shown affection to you or have been kind to you. Your loss can affect them hard. Think of the best memories you’ve ever had. If you are not alive, you lose the chance of creating even more beautiful memories in future.

So, these are some thoughts I got when thought of this topic. Share with me the reasons you’ve had relating to being alive.

If I can fly

What happens when god gifts me a wish to fly for a day? Will I take it? Obviously YES. Why not?

Imaginations make our life active. They can be useful to sometimes escape harsh realities of life. I rise up the sky in a slow motion. The wind rhythms around my hands in a beautiful way. I’m able to fly through the cotton clouds elegantly. In reality, that’s the end of my life as the chemical components in clouds are dangerous for our body.

I can move my hands in a semi circular motion like swimming. I have no shelter but that doesn’t make me feel insecure or unsafe. I’m happy that I can make my shelter wherever I travel. I have the capacity to earn food without any investment or money. I have no particular relation. I can associate with random birds of my kind easily. But that support doesn’t stop my travel. I’m unique but I have no unique name, caste, religion, state and so on. I’m not influenced my anyone. No one here uses me for their own benefit. My thoughts are positive and energetic. I can sense what nature brings. I prepare myself for that.

In the end, I feel content of my life.

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Why do we prioritize money?

The value of money has been growing much faster nowadays. Here I relate the value with the requirements. I’m a person filled with psychological thoughts. I never valued much about monetary wealth before. But I’ve began to realize its worth in recent days. Our perception towards life changes through different phases based on experiences. That’s when the question struck to my mind deeper. I have tried to come up with few answers based on my observations.

1. Money satisfies our materialistic expectations in life.

Expectations occupy a huge part of our day to day life. We wish to live a life desired by others. In order to merge with a society, we create a house filled with the things that connect people with the society. For example: You may be a person with no particular interest towards television. But you are obliged to have one with you to stay social.

2. Money meets our daily requirements.

It seems impossible to manage a life without money. We need food and water to survive. We cannot buy an kg of apple in the name of empathy. One of the harsh truths in life is it’s hard to live without money.

3. Money becomes needy during emergencies.

Any sort of emergency requires money initially. We cannot deny that. Treatment includes money and never a service.

4. Money supports your dreams in a way.

Achieving a dream purely depends on your will power and dedication. But monetary support is something one cannot deny. The stages towards a dream requires mental, physical and monetary assistance.

Money can bring many things but not love, satisfaction and contentment

These came up to my mind while I was in deep thought. I hope it feels relatable to the one reading this.

A small appreciation can light up our whole day

As a human being, we tend to follow certain similar patterns in life. They have the tendency to brighten up our mood. After crossing different phases of life, we develop the courage to face critics of our works. We motivate ourselves to stay confident irrespective of insecurities. Also we manage to feel independent and care less about their negative effects.

At the same time, we expect small appreciation for our works at the back of our mind. We don’t want to portray our self as someone longing for positive feedback. But none of us can deny the appreciations at times. We love and receive them with open hands. One bad comment can affect our day making us feel low. Similarly one small note of appreciation can light up our whole day. It encourages me to write more from my heart.

After receiving them, one has to reciprocate them through someway. Sharing is one of the most beautiful thing in the world. If you find something great in someone, then show your appreciation through words or actions without thinking twice.

Am I right on that? Do share your opinions?

Am I on right path ?

Situations bring the best and worst out of a person’s life. But the way we react to them speaks more of our personality. We all struggle each day to attain success someday in future. The path and goals may differ among each one of us. But the destination remains mostly same. Victory is all we expect in any work we involve. Sometimes in the midway of our journey, a question strikes our mind.

“Am I on right path?” It increases many irrelevant confusions inside our mind.

Anything which is positive to our mind and health is good. The same should affect the life of someone we associate with positively. We are humans. We are prone to make mistakes in our day to day life. We hurt people by our words and actions. The moment we realize we are wrong is the moment we have to gain courage to apologize. That makes a person stronger than he/she already is.

Few people are often portrayed as perfect idols. I personally don’t agree with that. No one can be perfect by nature. Perfection is an art that one can develop through correcting their own flaws. Until and unless you accept your flaws, you can never find a way to correct them.

If you wish to be someone better than your old self, then start working on our skills and personality. Never try to mimic someone’s actions. You are your best version and a great competitor. Ask questions to your mind and receive answers through exploring. I now believe I’m on right path. This feeling may change next day. But the learning process continues. Share your kind of question with me.

Which is the major wealth now?

After going through various incidences in the past year, I couldn’t ignore the question rising in my mind. We work each day to gain something. We lose people, emotions, energy and so on in the journey of life. At the same time we gain experience, values, monetary things, skills and so on. Among these, which can be stated as the major wealth depends on our choices in life. In the current scenario, each step we take holds importance. The traces of pandemic with mutating viruses terrifies most of us. The second wave of covid19 threatens our conduct of activities outside.

But the harsh truth is we can’t lock ourselves inside like before to escape. We have to move out each day and work to earn for a living. Even the vaccines have not turned out well. The most important wealth now is our HEALTH. We should not get stressed over unfavorable situations. We need to maintain all precautionary measures. The intake of healthy vegetables and fruits can preserve our health to a larger extent. Avoid eating outside foods without getting blinded by the fantasy of ads. We all need life to achieve something greater. Stay healthy and safe.

Few positive words to boost up your mind below :

Can discrimination be put to an end?

People differ based on various categories and environments. The factors of differentiation start from qualities, appearances and goes on. Can we discriminate people based on their differences ? Definitely NO. Uniqueness is what defines us. Without them, we all look and act similar like non living beings. Even those things vary based on the places they are made. But human minds think opposite to that of nature. They want people to form groups and stay with the similar ones. Okay that is their right to choose where to stay and whom to associate. But who gave them the right to pull down another person just because he/she is different.

Here I relate “ they ” with the few who never stop discriminating others. I could not point out that their subject of discrimination with a particular category. I can notice the differences almost everywhere. Few examples below to get a clear view of what I’m about to say :

1. Economic Discrimination

“I’m rich and I can afford anything”

That sounds wonderful and who can deny that. But the following one is what concerns all.

“You are someone without money. How pathetic? How can you even live with the small amount ? Why should you even live ?”

WAIT. WHAT ? That makes the person who questions in a superior tone horrible. The attitude doesn’t always come from someone who inherited loads of money. The same happens with someone who has reached from a bottom to a higher place. They modify their actions to include themselves in the rich society tagline. I know not everyone behave like that. But few continuously engage in such activities which is totally ridiculuous.

2. Background Discrimination

Here comes the part of religion, caste and creed. I mean who decides the so called high and low society. I really hate people who relate births with the background and discriminate lives from the start of their journey. I wish someday they regain their intelligence back.

3. Results Discrimination

People with failures are often discriminated until they reach success. There are motivating people around us. But there are few who create a negative impact on us at times. They drain the life out of us reminding our flaws. The discrimination is too much to bear for people who are already disheartened by failures.

So guys, please stop this discrimination if you were one among them. Let us stop this right here. None of us can bear the pain of being discriminated or bullied.

If you have noticed anymore than I’ve mentioned, then comment your views.

When to stay silent?

People in world are of various types. Their reactions to things differ based on the way they’ve been raised. Few people fear of silence and so they often keep places around them aloud. Some people prefer silence around them while silence is not something which you can easily get. We speak till the ears of other person bleeds. Still we are left out with unspoken words.

Do we have that much to speak ?

Sometimes yes while many times NO. People say, ” Thoughts have no limit”. We think about million things in a day. They travel from our house and roam around the world. We like to share our thoughts with someone. But one can only speak 75% of his/her thoughts out. Few talk a lot to escape silence. But there are times when silence feels necessary.

  • While reading a book, silence is all we need.

A book can gift you numerous things. It may be a philosophical thought or an imagination or a great story. At the end, it gives an experience which feels enjoyable only in silence. Think of someone playing drums or singing louder while you are reading. The act irritates the hell out of us. So if you happen to notice a person reading, DON’T DISTURB THEM for a while.

  • While we meditate, we prefer silence.

Many of us have the habit of praying daily. Prayer is also a form of meditation. Having a calm atmosphere around us during meditating works well for our mental health. The level of importance we show for our mental health should be same as that of physical health.

  • During pointless arguments, it’s better to stay silent.

Nowadays people argue over silly things mostly. When you know unworthiness of an argument, then stay silent and step out of the argument immediately. Also some people struct on to their opinions and argue illogically. They never give ears to what the opponent says. It’s best to stay silent in these situations. Time is the most valuable thing in the world. Once lost, it cannot be recovered. So make use of silence as a tool to save your time.

  • When you are in a negative situation, silence can be of great help.

As a human being in world, we are meant to cross different situations in life. We cannot expect them all to be on our liking. When things go wrong, our mind fills up with negative thoughts. We act wrongly though our intentions are good. During those times, we need to remain silent. We have to analyze things when mind returns to a composed state.

These are few times where I felt silence is much needed. If you could think of other situations, then share those thoughts with me in comments. I hope this feels relatable.

Am I a capable writer ?

For a long time, I question myself regarding my writing capabilities. There was a time when I had trouble in framing a meaningful sentence in English. I desired to let my thoughts flow elegantly through words. Insecurities kept clogging my mind with failed attempts. But I didn’t give up. I always struck on to the hope that one day I can deliver a confident speech in English.

I grew up with the determination. I love reading though I haven’t read many books. My reading started from a random newspaper and going on with books of different genres. Then after a while, I engaged myself in writing. I blabbered my thoughts of a day though my writing. I liked to write more in my native language(Tamil). I came up with different stories. But I feared to reveal my stories to others.

Eventually I trusted my closed ones and shared with them. They appreciated me and judged my work pointing out flaws. It felt so happy and motivated me to write more. I gradually developed my skills. I presented before a huge audience in my college. Still I wished to read more and improve my vocabulary. I came upon a site name “Wattpad“. The stories were so good and I found it easy to understand. I read more stories and learnt more words.

My friend was already active in the site. We discussed stories and enjoyed reading. we waited for updates together. The journey was filled with joyful memories. Then after few years, I noticed stories of my friends in wattpad in my native language. The desire to publish my story hiked. Yet the insecurities paused my work finding a place in the site. A great friend of mine urged me to try. I gave it a try with a love story in my native language. And GUESS WHAT the story has been SHORTLISTED FOR #WATTPADINDIA AWARDS. I felt like flying when I heard that. Winners are decided based on votes. So, please vote me on the Popular Choice Awards Chapter which is alone counted for winning. Voting is open only till 21st December 2 PM IST.

The link to my story:


I can’t tell if I’m a capable writer or not. But I can assure you that I’ll improve each day. Maybe I can come up with a great novel one day in English.

Does a psychological movie affect you?

I usually skip psychological movies. They leave an impact for a while. The scenes seem creepy to me with disturbing thoughts. The mind games in few psychological movies look horrific while watching them. Often these movie leave me with unanswered questions which is so irritating. I can also find illogical sequences lined up in some movies.

Have you even wondered the same ? I remember watching a movie called “Nun”. The movie kept me thrilled till the end which is good. But there were few questions which occupied my mind after finishing the movie. I discussed with my family and friends. Yet the answers were dissatisfying to me. I recently saw the movie and the same questions popped up in my mind. If people who read this could answer, please do leave a comment with your answers.

  • Did the daughter kill her mother ?
  • Why small things affect her so much to the point of killing someone ?
  • Why did the boy who accompanied the daughter get killed ?

I noticed many Hollywood movies having this kind of confused scenes. I mean I love the concepts and direction. But the intense emotion carrying negativity has only one possible explanation to me. People who stay alone have more negative thoughts lined up than people with a companion. The void may leave them with horrible thoughts and negative effects. Having people around us can be comforting at times. Anyhow only we can lead our lives in the way. But we can’t live without the support of others. It may be workers assisting us or friends or family. I hope the same feeling goes for you. Share your thoughts if not.

When you feel empty minded..

Have you ever heard of people thinking about nothing ? I know it feels weird to even imagine such things. But I’m currently in the state. I have no lined up thoughts. It doesn’t make me feel sad. In fact, I’m able to feel an innate peace inside me. I have my daily works yet to be done. But I can’t do it wholeheartedly. I want to immerse myself in the void for a while. I know it flows away the next day.

Life is all about spontaneity. If we miss a chance once, we may not get it other time. And so, I just wanna spend my time thinking of nothing right now. My fellow people here can’t understand that and insists me to ramble topics. They want me to be a part of their planned talks. I mean I love them completely. I value their presence and don’t want them to get upset.

But does it feel stupid to ask of my space ? I know many could relate my situation. I want to hear more such stories from you. Can you share your experience of thinking nothing ?