Why should you be alive?

Situations can bring the best and worst of a person. Each day carries a unique mystery. What tomorrow brings is not something anyone would know? Like mountains, there are slopes and elevations in life. Certain slopes can be too deep to rise up from them. There arises a situation in each one of our lives questioning our existence. Questions like : Why should I live? Does it still matters to anyone if not? Will the present pathetic condition changes if not? haunt us many ways. I have given you 3 reasons to be alive that more or less convinced me as per my observations in life.

1.Being alive allows to see what the next day brings.

Each day has its own perks and benefits. Anything can happen within a day. So, If you are not alive , then how will you be able to visualize the changes that may be positive. The darkest days you’ve had so far may have reduced its effect. Or else a fresh morning with gifts of love can be awaiting.

2.Being alive guides you to find the purpose of live.

Even a little organism has its own purpose in life. Likewise, each one born in this world has a unique purpose to accomplish or a task to complete. If we are alive, we get a chance to succeed them with efforts. The purpose may guide us through sufferings we face today. It can lead us to a happier place.

3.Being alive can make atleast single person you’ve known all along retain happiness.

The thought of leaving the world strikes only when we feel lonely. Being alone worsens the situation we are into. During that time, Think of atleast a single person who has shown affection to you or have been kind to you. Your loss can affect them hard. Think of the best memories you’ve ever had. If you are not alive, you lose the chance of creating even more beautiful memories in future.

So, these are some thoughts I got when thought of this topic. Share with me the reasons you’ve had relating to being alive.


Life with Tea..

A very crucial part of my life…The word “Tea” resounds a melody to my ears while my stomach grumbles to fill them. This one drink amuses me each time I intake it. More than food , I feel an emotion rising towards them. Whatever awful mood I may be in, It instantly gets changed into a calm one once I savor them. I have a huge addiction towards it. There are varieties available today like green tea, black tea, milk tea and so on.

But my favorite is always milk tea with extra sugar. Yeah.. I can hear you..It is not so healthy and has lots of carbs in it. So what ? Live remains incomplete until we live it to the fullest. I like my life with such sweet simpler things. Any new place I visit, my first option is to order them. Each place has a unique flavor. So guys, share your sort of that one divine thing in your life..

What is the need to control your words?

Freedom to speak our mind seems to be the desired gift many long for. The reasons owes to the restricted environment enclosing us. So, when the bottled up words get spilled out, they have a great impact on the world. The sharpest weapon one can use against another is the words that flow from mouth. Many revolution in the world are brought out by the voice of depressed people.

Taking all these into consideration, one can never deny that words also have the power to hurt someone hard enough to break the person. It carries the guilt to our hearts for such unkind acts affecting eventually ourselves. And so, I thought of writing this one to ease my guilt when I snapped at my family member with harsh words.

It started as a heated argument in which both had no idea to give up. After a while, I lost my temper releasing hurtful words. I couldn’t stop the words that have flown after bursting down. In the end, all I felt was pure regret instead of feeling relaxed that I have spoken my mind.

Anyway, what is the use of regretting later? Can the happened change cause you feel bad for it? NO. And so, I thought of warning you people to consider your words before releasing them to the world. Having a hold of emotions and a control of words are now equally essential compared to speaking our mind . Blabbering alone can’t free one’s mind is all I like to share with you.

Instead of being on extreme sides, try to have to a balance of your life which leads you to a smoother path.

Face your fears..

This story I heard once inspired me in many ways. And so, I would like to share the same motivating you to face fears some day.

Once upon a time, a person happened to walk into a graveyard to fetch a bracelet he left by mistake during his friend’s funeral ceremony. The bracelet was a precious one to him gifted by his mother who is no more. So, he was desperate to get it at the time he found it missing. That was past eleven in the night.

The sky was dark with terrific sounds near the place. The fears of ghosts came to his mind disturbing mental peace. Yet he made slow steps in search of his possession. The horrible sounds made his heart beats faster. He was trembling in fear with the threatening silence.

Then after few torturing moments , he found the required one lying down nearby a ghostly looking tree. The tree was huge with large branches which terrified him. Slightly gaining courage, he went near and bent down to pick it up. When he rose up, he felt a tugging at his collar. All the fears came at once and he had a stroke. Within minutes of struggling, he died.

Next day when his closed ones came in search of him, they found him dead hooked to a branch of tree. See this is what happens when you you get tied to your fears. If the person in story turned to face his fear, then the scenario would have been different. Facing your fears will help you grow. Be a great achiever improving each day rising past fears.

A day in lock down..

My day starts late hours from 10 to 11 in the morning. As soon as I get up from my bed, I feel so lazy to even make my bed neat before refreshing and having a cup of tea. The aroma and taste keeps me active for almost half a day. Then , I have my breakfast while I work a while after that. After about two hours , I relax myself with a random movie while having lunch prepared deliciously by Mom.

‘Okay.. to be serious I don’t cook. I mean why to try a disaster when you have a lovely cooking expert with you’

So, then I catch up with a book in hand or an online novel to pass out the next few hours. A novel in hand is always preferable though since the feel is quite awesome. But since we can’t afford so many books as per our liking , you can always opt for the online books. Sometimes , I help mom in her deeds which surprises her while I end up troubling her than providing a favor.

After that, I water the plants we have in our simple garden and breathe fresh air through water droplets. In the mean time, my tea is almost ready. Then comes the family time where all of us sit together having a snack and chit chatting on our day.

Dinner gets prepared and we have it with a movie as a family. I continue to read news or novels or books or else watch random videos until my eyelids are heavy. So , this is a glimpse of my regular day in lockdown while getting out to get groceries once in a week also happen. See, The lockdown has made me a lazy girl and the funnier part is the recipes I’ve tried have come out to an eatable level which is great.

Although I’ve narrated it in a care-free manner, lot of happenings have affected us in a not so good way. There are considerable amount of people who suffer for a proper living currently. All I would like to request you is if you are unable to support them financially , please do try to support them emotionally. We are all in this together. The biggest lessons I learned from this situation are to never take anything for granted and be kind to everyone including I. Respect and value things that you have now cause they may have been a wish for someone else.

Think about it and share your personal thoughts with me..

New year resolution 👍

New year has arrived. First of all I greet each one of the readers a very fun filled new year. May all good things happen to you this year. With this note let me come to the topic New Year Resolution . Yeah.. we speak a lot about it. But the reality questions us whether we follow them sincerely. So, come on people this time I’m requesting you to follow certainly the one thing that benefits you and your surroundings. That is making yourselves free from the so called restrictions which delays your progress.

You know what mostly the restrictions point out our hesitations to do our liking. Sometimes it’s the plain fear to lose something important to us and other times fearing the aftermath of our deeds. And so, when an idea strikes you, just think whether it is right or wrong not only for you but also your surroundings. If it is right, then immediately put that into action cause the more time you spend after that are of no use. Cause there are always plenty thoughts and humans waiting at your doorstep to confuse and disrupt your actions. Never allow that to happen.The thought of we should have done it after the deed  is worse than the fear we face before our deed. It disturbs a lot. Hence, how far you put that into action that far it will benefit you.

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After you follow it for a period of time, I’m sure that you’ll feel satisfied with yourselves.
Be the best of you and the world..😄

Keeping yourself healthy and fit…

After a long time, I feel the urge to write my thoughts about a certain thing. All of us are curious enough to find ways to keep ourselves fit. But the thought of keeping ourselves  fit along with a healthy lifestyle struck my mind this morning. I’m not gonna make a long speech of how to be so. I came out with a simple and efficient idea. That is by reviving the past times. Yup, it sounds weird😁. Yet trust me friends.. people then used to be so healthy and pretty fit especially females.

Yeah that time mostly females were the prettier ones😉. Do you know the reason behind it? They do their household works by themselves that makes their body flexible and healthy. I know now it is not that easy since we are always chasing after something and portray ourselves extremely “busy”. Well, sweeping our house and washing our clothes manually don’t take much time.

It’s more or less the same time we spend on gym sweating ourselves. Come on..you’ll look stunning after trying that. If not don’t blame me. Aha…hope it benefits you😄

Accept the change..

A lot of things happen in our life. Some events just pass by while some reach our hearts. Each and every upcoming second is unique. When we take a break and try mingling with the society after a while, it seems quite hard to accept the changes. Yup..not all the changes  look inviting and admiring, some even has the power to give us a pain of harsh truth.

An unexpected change can put you through lots of pressure. We don’t always have to change ourselves along with the society cause some are purely related to our self respect and character. But we must try to accept the change encircling us or else we’ll get struck. I know it’s not that much easy task yet also not unworthy to try.

The reason why I insist to accept them is it helps in better handling of our relationships. Be bold enough to face both the fearful and positive changes. I hope this helps you at needed times 😊

Give and Take Policy..

Nature seems to be the most exciting creation of god.. It often surprises me with its astonishing features. Sometimes that makes me awestruck while sometimes its depth scares me to the core. A gift to each and every living beings yet threatens as a death call at times. Many of its qualities contradicts with itself. The way we handle them decides the way they respond back. Nature celebrates you when you are kind to it and when you start a step to destroy it ,then it will take a step to completely eradicate you.

This has happened since beginning. Now all the consequences we face is all because of our deeds in the past. Even now if we refuse to wake up, then there will be a minimum chance of our survival. How are we each day? Waking up with burden of that day’s work and starts running to finish it off. We have no time for ourselves and so, how can we expect quality time for others and nature. We changed into a self centered personality and started to destroy whatever we could do for our own benefits.

Future can be anything  and I can think only of present. Is this a healthy way to lead our life?  Of course not. My dear friends give a pause to your life, allot time to your surroundings and treat nature with care it deserves. Everything changes like a beautifully blossomed flower and remember you are the one to gain from the result…👼👰👸


Have you ever felt the urge to taste something just by hearing its name? Okay…that may be a delicious dish prepared in your favorite restaurant. You know what I have experienced this a plenty of times in my life by the simple word paneer”. Now you may think I’m just exaggerating. Still I love paneer. Any dish prepared using this is gladly welcome to my mouth. I’m a big foodie especially regarding paneer dishes. My list of favorites is topped by panner butter masala which gives a heavenly taste. The masalas are perfectly cooked leaving it with a sweet and savory taste. I just don’t eat the panner as it is. First I take a piece and then slightly smash it using hand, soak it completely in the gravy and swallow it slowly enjoying the taste. Wow..absolutely yummy..its good for naan, chappati and so on. I even like it with my dosa. This sounds weird right😄😄. Next is panneer manjurian. I first made a try from a cookery show and what more it tasted amazing. FYI ,I don’t cook often. Cause you know some in the past have resulted in disaster. That’s when I gave up cooking for some time. Never mind having my mom by my side gives joy 😊 since she is a master when comes to cooking. So,what I recommend is just give a try to paneer dishes once in a while and I’m sure you’ll like it..☺

Even pizzas with paneer toppings tastes so good..😆

Flavors of life


My day begins with the intake of fresh air from the garden behind followed by the warm rays completely filling the room through the window. Once I wake up, my feet moves to the odor of my mother’s peculiar saree. There, my view lands on the yummy tea prepared. I take a sip and just travel to heaven in that 5 minutes. After hearing few nice words from my mom, I indulge in my regular activities. According to me, we need to enjoy each and every part of your life to the fullest.

Enjoy eating rather than just dumping food inside your stomach to survive. Just taste the food you receive in a day and thank the day for the food which many long for. Coming to the next, travelling is one of the most interesting things in the world. Once in a month travel to any unseen place and visualize it with curiosity. It will be even more fascinating when this becomes an adventurous trip. Know more and more about the place in real. You’ll get a different experience at each travel.

Last are the books. What an amazing companion you can have than books? Don’t just read it. READ it. Get inside the magical world and live a new life. Sometimes imaginary things are more attractive than the real one. So , in short, taste these delicious flavors of life. If possible, do share with me your kind of delicious flavors..😇👧👧