Why should you be alive?

Situations can bring the best and worst of a person. Each day carries a unique mystery. What tomorrow brings is not something anyone would know? Like mountains, there are slopes and elevations in life. Certain slopes can be too deep to rise up from them. There arises a situation in each one of our lives questioning our existence. Questions like : Why should I live? Does it still matters to anyone if not? Will the present pathetic condition changes if not? haunt us many ways. I have given you 3 reasons to be alive that more or less convinced me as per my observations in life.

1.Being alive allows to see what the next day brings.

Each day has its own perks and benefits. Anything can happen within a day. So, If you are not alive , then how will you be able to visualize the changes that may be positive. The darkest days you’ve had so far may have reduced its effect. Or else a fresh morning with gifts of love can be awaiting.

2.Being alive guides you to find the purpose of live.

Even a little organism has its own purpose in life. Likewise, each one born in this world has a unique purpose to accomplish or a task to complete. If we are alive, we get a chance to succeed them with efforts. The purpose may guide us through sufferings we face today. It can lead us to a happier place.

3.Being alive can make atleast single person you’ve known all along retain happiness.

The thought of leaving the world strikes only when we feel lonely. Being alone worsens the situation we are into. During that time, Think of atleast a single person who has shown affection to you or have been kind to you. Your loss can affect them hard. Think of the best memories you’ve ever had. If you are not alive, you lose the chance of creating even more beautiful memories in future.

So, these are some thoughts I got when thought of this topic. Share with me the reasons you’ve had relating to being alive.

When our judgment about a person fails..

We may like to quote ourselves as the people who never judge people. But apparently most of us judge people we meet in everyday life. The point here is not to make judgements quick or hurt others using our judgments. The judgment which we took time after analyzing the person stays firm in our mind. So when that sort of judgment fails, what do we feel? That’ll hurt us more actually.

We fail to realize the truth that people change over time. They can’t be the same for decades and so are we. It also doesn’t make everyone bad. Instead of getting angry over your failed judgment, try to think logically and find out where the flaw is. If the flaw is with your observation, try to accept that and take time to think from the other person’s point of view. If the other person is flawed, find more about the person to decide if you still want to be associated with the person.

Never lose the trust in you. No one can understand you better than yourself. So handle things in a smoother way instead of making rash decisions.

Yes I’m Alive

Writing this new blog after a long time calms my mind that felt uneasy for a while. It feels good to let out my thoughts. To people wondering why sudden arrival after a lot of weeks, I want to inform you that I’m alive. I miss my writings and blabbering through my writings. Sounds crazy right…YEAH I’m one of a kind.

I thought of exploring my skills and finding a perfect job. You know what. That went terrible. Being a fresher with zero experience, I found it hard to get a desired job. Regarding developing skills, I became lethargic every time while trying to learn. And so I ended up with a novel and read it till midnight to pass time. Yet after all those unplanned mistakes, I feel so delighted. I found an improvement in myself. Maybe I’m not that bad.

So I felt like sharing it with you. You may seem a utter failure after being incompetent in your works for a long time. But don’t give up. Try to discover where things went wrong and rectify them in your own speed. Consistency is what guides you till the end.

Yeah I’m alive and happy that I can do something better each day. Wishing the same for you.


(Twitter – @riyathoughts)

When everyone seems to disagree with you

Sometimes things can turn out in an unfavorable way for us. We rarely face these type of contradictions which makes us feel vulnerable at times. The opinions of others will be sounding negative cause we’ve already made up our mind. The circumstances fail to fall in places like we have expected. The feeling of confusion retains in our mind which can suffocate us in the longer end. So what do we do now?

Do we need to rush up with our decisions without clearly looking into it? Otherwise, do we have to blindly trust people we care and follow as per their words?

My honest opinion is not to take both the type of decisions. Our mind is now clouded with thoughts that has the ability to restrict our movement. And so, I would say ‘Be patient’. Let things calm down. Give yourself time to get a clarity in your thoughts and action. When you feel you’re in right mind to handle things, then you can analyze everything and take a right decision. Sometimes we need that time for ourselves.

We all are kings

The rulers of the world are not not restricted to be from kingdoms

They are defined with the quality to step forward

Even when things don’t work in their favour

They lift their chin up and accept their faults

When their flaws affect a society badly

They improve themselves each day

To bring light into the lives of people

Who were enclosed in darkness before

In a way, we all are kings

But some recognise that and uplift the society

While some ignore the signs and let the demons rule them..


Tears don’t always recover you

Everyone of us have their darkest days in life. The days which make our heart bleed with pain; The days that destroy the confidence within us; We feel suffocated by our own troubles and the inability to move forward. The toughest job is to face the people standing at your door who are ready to mock you or make you feel low of yourself. The advice some give you is let your tears flow from your eyes. They say that it can relieve you of your stress. Sobbing without worrying about the comments can heal you is what they say.

But you know what ? It’s WRONG.

Letting few drops flow down your cheeks is good. It can calm you a bit. But lifting your chin up to face the person who don’t care about you is much more important. Trust yourself that you can go through this no matter what. Imagine yourself as the strongest person in the world and you’ll shatter everything that’s been thrown before you. That is what heals you completely. If you have regrets, forgive yourself before others can think about it. Do more good to people as much as you can. Have zero expectations while doing so. Tada.. You’ve became a better person already.

The last journey

Every sorrow and every happiness look the same

Every minute in the world now feels counted

A part of mind needs to relieved from the aged body

Another part wishes to move on

Till the nature grabs the life out of me

When the thought struck the mind,

Enjoying every day became a habit

The day of departure came to lead me

To a place where my soul can rest in peace

I bid my farewell to the people around me with smiling eyes

Wishing everything good for the next generations..

~An old aged granny

Sorry for being this way

Dear Time,

You have been one of the most consistent performers in my life. The way you move on without worrying about anything, startles me each day. I’ve been regretting my actions for being struck at places and the useless drama I’ve created around myself. Everyone of us have their worst and best times. Yet we shouldn’t let us drown in those moments. But I’ve been stupid enough to let those moments ruin my days.

More than anything, I became too lethargic. You pointed out my mistakes at times. But I was the dumb one to be engrossed in fake things that I failed to work on my progress. I started to become super lazy and procrastination took over me. I regret every time I wasted before.

Kindly forgive me for being this way. I promise you that I’ll make use of you in a great way in coming days.


YEAH.. That were my actual thoughts. I hope time forgives me and lends me another chance.

A secluded life

People fear to stay by themselves

When the soul can only be a safer associate

Living among a group always comes with the expectations

They need to fulfill our expectations and the same falls on us

But a secluded life has a responsibility towards our self

That seems more interesting and relieving than a group of unconcerned people

When we opt for seclusion

It feels gifted

When we are pushed into seclusion

It becomes a stress

Everything depends on the way you take seclusion.

Self control defines the real you

Distractions and deviations can be found everywhere we go. Every time we fail to recognize our self lost among those hurdles. Your goals move away from you when you lose your control over life. That’s what guides through difficulties and leads you to a peaceful life. It’s the hardest thing to do. You may fall at times losing your control. But remember, to be a fighter, you have to rise from it regaining your control.

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

You need to have control over your mind, body and soul. Years back, it’ll define the person who you are today. Be the person who you wish to be rather than the person what the world imposes on you.

Beware of owls

Everyday we lead our life

In the midst of dangerous owls

Which follows silently and threatens our present life

Girls are what the owls mainly lay their eyes on

A moment of our ignorance can exploit our lives without any sympathy

They are the predators who raped minor girls

Until we receive our safety from the law or change of those minds

We are in need to safeguard ourselves from these owls each day..